We aim to give our customers clear information about the shipping costs that are not included in our prices. The exact shipping costs will become visible at check-out. Please use the given information below as reference only. Changes may apply.


Our products are always custom made according to your choises,  in several carefully chosen factories located in USA, Europe and China. This way we are able to offer beautiful everyday products without burdening our precious World with unnecessary production and keeping stock.


Each factory has their own fees, due to their location, chosen delivery partners shipping rates and product weight and measurements. The pricing is also affected by the delivery location of your order.


So we hope to make it simple for you to choose from our collections. For example if you live in USA, products printed there locally are a good choise for you in terms of shipping costs! On each product gallery title you will find the information where the products are printed, e.g. (Printed in Europe)

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